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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Joe Biden & Ken Vercammen

1. President Elect Biden and Ken Vercammen in Edison
2. November is Elks Veterans Remembrance Month
3. NJ Judiciary’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) to let traffic ticket cases be handled online 
4 Happy Veteran’s Day  
5. November 16 Woodbridge Library Wills, Estate Planning & Probate Seminar
6. Charity Running events 

1. President Elect Biden and Ken Vercammen in Edison on 10/12/17. President Elect e Biden was born in Scranton PA. Ken V first met then Senator Biden in 1981 at the University of Scranton. Best wishes to the new administration.

2. November is Elks Veterans Remembrance Month
  An estimated twenty million Veterans are living in our communities. Each with a different story, they all shared a common pledge: to support and defend this country.

     The Elks have a pledge. “So long as there are Veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them.” And that’s as true today as it was more than 100 years ago, in 1918 when the Elks built a 700 bed hospital in Boston and donated it to the government, helping to create a precursor for today’s VA Medical Centers.

     This November, as well as every month of the year, Elks will serve thousands of Veterans across the country. When Veterans are hospitalized and recovering, Elks are there. When Veterans are living in a home away from family, Elks are there. When Veterans are exiting homelessness and moving into a home, Elks are there. Because Elks are always there for Veterans. Altogether, our volunteers served more than 1 million Veterans last year, in ways big and small.

      This Veterans Remembrance Month, we urge you to join the Elks in recognition of and service to the Veterans in your community. Let us remember the words of Elk member and President John F. Kennedy who said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”
     I have enjoyed my Community Elks membership in the Edison Elks for 28 years. Email Ken V if you are interested in information on the Elks.
Sat Nov 14 Come out and enjoy a brisk fall day at the Edison Elks! Could be the last one before cold weather gets here, so come enjoy your time with friends! Outdoor band, pay for food and beverage
      There are nearly 1,800 Elks Lodges across the country with a total membership of around 800,000. Elks members must be American citizens who are at least 21 years of age and must believe in God. To learn more and to join us in service, visit www.elks.org

3. NJ Judiciary’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) to let traffic ticket cases be handled online 
Municipal Court Changes Allow for Case Resolution Without In-Person Appearance in minor traffic matters, parking tickets etc.
       The Judiciary’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program, which started in mid-May in approximately 30 municipal courts, allows court users to dispute a charge and provide information or evidence to municipal prosecutors online. This is helpful in smaller cases no cost effective to hire an attorney
       The ODR program applies to 37 traffic offenses, such as speeding, red light, stop sign or failure to yield and other violations.
       Defendants in some towns can make their requests for review to the municipal prosecutor through NJMC Direct.  
   Plea-by-mail does not apply to serious offenses, including those resulting in the likelihood of a driver’s license suspension, jail time or community service. 

4 Happy Veteran’s Day  

         While in college I wrote my senior class project on my grandfather Albert Louis Vercammen who fought in WWI against the German army serving in the Belgian Army. I wrote how he single handedly defeated the Germans to make the world safe for democracy.
         Decades later, the Red Chinese stormed into North Korea in the Korean War and threatened Communism throughout Asia. The Army summoned my dad, Albert P. Vercammen, to go over and fight the invaders. He was on a trooper carrier crossing the Pacific when the North Koreans and Chinese heard about the fierce Vercammen fighting spirit. The North Koreans started to retreat and wanted to surrender. The cowardly United Nations let them call it a truce. Again, the world was safe for democracy. 
         While in Korea, Al Vercammen was promoted to Sergeant. I recall him saying Korea was the coldest place in the world. Also, unlike the TV show MASH that had hot nurses, the ones in Korea were not attractive. The black and white photos taken in Korea my Dad has show barren hills near their Spartan tents. It looked cold. I am glad I did not have to go over there. So as Americans, we thank our dads and other vets that got the call to duty [draft] and helped turn the tide against the Communists. 
   I posted a few photos my sister and I had on my facebook page

         My father in law John Bachenski served in WWII in the Army Air Corp, the forerunner of the Air Force. He helped start the sonar radar program for the Army. He successfully helped defend the air base at Boca Raton, Florida from the invading Italian navy. He is 94 years old and wears his Air Force hat every day.

5. November 16 Woodbridge Library 
Wills, Estate Planning & Probate Seminar Last program of the year
November 16, 2020
at 7pm Monday Virtual program Now on Zoom!
WILLS & ESTATE ADMINISTRATION-PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND MAKE PLANNING EASY Free program open to the public, you do not need to be a Township resident to attend. 
   SPEAKER: Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. Edison, NJ (Author- Wills and Estate Administration by the ABA)
Main Topics:
1. Dangers if no valid Will
2. The 2020 changes in Federal Estate and Gift Tax 
3. Power of Attorneys recommendations 
4. Living Will & Advance Directive 
5. Administering the Estate/ Probate/Surrogate
6. Avoiding unnecessary expenses and saving your family money

For questions about registration to this program please email wplref@woodbridgelibrary.org

Registration is here 

6. Charity Running events 
11/15 Tom O'Reilly 'Inaugural' Turkey Trot 5k, Presented by Raritan Valley Road 9am

11/27  Born to Run 5 mile Freehold 11am Friday after Thanksgiving great Freehold FARC event.  
1128 Crazy Eddie Memorial Hash run- not a race, trail hash with beverage stops Saturday Rumson Hasher HHH
11/29   Navesink Challenge 10k & 5k  10am 10:10 [Ken V runs 5k]

Jan 9, 2021 Secret Mystery Winter Trail Run 2.5 mile & 5 Mile Group Run 10:17am  Start Location: Secret Mystery wooded area North Brunswick to be emailed to pre-registered. Only $20.00 via https://runsignup.com/Race/NJ/NorthBrunswick/SecretMysteryRun

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