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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

E483 news 1. Holiday Gift Idea! .....Gift Certificates for Wills or Power of Attorney 2. Season's Greetings Worldwide 3. Next Events

Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law

December 21, 2015

In this issue:
1. Holiday Gift Idea! .....Gift Certificates for Wills or Power of Attorney  
2. Season's Greetings Worldwide 
3.  Next Events
1. Holiday Gift Idea! .....Gift Certificates for Wills or Power of Attorney
      During the Holiday season, we often buy gifts for our family and friends. May we suggest a holiday gift, which truly shows how much you care? Purchase a Will Gift Certificate for loved ones. Secure their interests and make sure proper planning is done.
The Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen's Holiday special includes:
*A Simple Will without Trust
* Follow up legal advice
*A 2-year subscription to the NJ Laws Email News
- All for only $350.00! -
Call 732-572-0500 for the Gift Certificate
Details on Wills:
Power of Attorney:
         A portion of your Will and Estate Planning is tax deductible for income tax purposes. Do your Estate Planning prior to December 31 and a portion of your fees can be written off on your taxes as Estate Tax Planning.

2.  Season's Greetings Worldwide
Wesoly Siat, Bozega Narodzenia (Merry Christmas in Polish)
My favorite: Singing Yellow Lab puppies like Lexi dog
Caroling Canines!
           We hope you have enjoyed the NJ Laws Newsletter, produced by Law Office. We spend hundreds of hours each year researching relevant cases, new laws and creating website articles for our clients and readers. We mailed to clients our 2016 American Flag calendar to clients.
         After December 27 we will have some additional American Flag calendars available. If you would like additional copies to give to friends, family or co-workers, stop in our office. Share the Flag and support the USA- America is #1.

3.  Next events

  12/27 Polar Bear 5k Asbury Park and free optional Ocean swim
Jan 9 2016 Frozen Winter Trail Run
            3 & 5 MILE GROUP RUN

Sat. Jan. 9, 2016  10:17am
New Start Location: Secret Mystery wooded area North Brunswick

2016 update Wills and Estate Planning-Free Seminar                                     January 13, 2016  Wednesday 12:15-1:00 PM & again 5:15pm-6pm
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas from the Vercammen family.

   Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas from the Vercammen family.
In the true spirit of the holiday and Christmas season, may we all be thankful and share in the hope for peace on earth and goodwill toward all. 
In 2015 I celebrated my 30-year anniversary of graduation from law school and passing the bar. Time flies! 
During this Holiday season I thank our past clients, friends, business professionals, runners and family for their friendship, goodwill and enjoyable events we have shared over the past 30 years. 
We invite friends, homeowners and your guests to the "2016 Update-Wills and Estate Planning” Seminar on Wed, January 13 from 12:15-1:00PM also offered 5pm-5:45. Please email us if you plan on attending or if you would like us to email the materials. Our only request is that you bring a canned food donation for a local Food Bank. Free sandwiches. The program for attorneys will be held in April.
The year 2015 was a great year. The American Bar Association has released my 3rd book called “Wills and Estate Administration.” I previously wrote “Criminal Law Forms” which is used by both ABA and NJ Bar Assoc in the training of attorneys. I continue to serve as co-chair of the Estate Planning and Probate Committee of the ABA and was a speaker at their Annual Convention.

We are very fortunate to celebrate in the accomplishments of our children. My son Brendan finished a Masters degree at Kean and has started Dental School at Midwestern outside Chicago. My daughter Shannon is in her senior year at the University of Delaware and a Dean’s list student.