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Thursday, July 02, 2020

E592 1. June 23 "2020 Update-Wills and Estate Planning" in our parking lot

1.   June 23 "2020 Update-Wills and Estate Planning" in our parking lot 
2. NJ Order to start DWI and hearings again on June 22
3. We participate in the Metlife Hyatt Legal Plan for Will and estate planning and Arag Legal Plan for J & J 
4 Summer Estate Planning Package 
5. Our Client testimonials 
6. This week's Educational YouTube videos
1. There were changes to NJ Estate procedures. Weinvite both you and your guests to join us at the FREE SEMINAR "2020 Update-Wills and Estate Planning"June 23 Tuesdayat 12:15 in our office parking lot. Yes, the first outdoor legal event. Bring your own chair. There is no cost to attend. 
          Our only request is that you bring a canned food donation for the St. Matthews Edison Food Bank.    Greetings past clients. We have reopened and also preparing Wills for clients online. I am still doing the email newsletter from home. In TV Dragnet, the detectives said "Just the facts". The email newsletter is less fancy, with just the important stuff.
 The plan is scheduled to start incrementally on Monday, June 22, 2020.
         In Phase 2, most Municipal Court proceedings will continue to be handled remotely, including but not limited to: 
  • Disorderly persons / petty disorderly persons offenses, traffic, DWI dispositions, parking, local ordinance, penalty enforcement and other hearings; First Appearance/CJP; violations of monitoring and probation; bench trials, sentencing hearings, evidentiary hearings, and testimonial motions with consent; guilty pleas; post-adjudication and non-compliance hearings; and dismissals [page 25 of Order]
        As courts transition to Phase 2, the following Municipal Court matters may, consistent with Supreme Court guidance, be handled in person: 
* Subject to social distancing and other requirements, in the absence of consent to proceed remotely, bench trials and hearings may be conducted in person in Municipal Court matters that are especially complex (at a minimum, involving numerous parties or witnesses, or significant evidence in a format that cannot be handled remotely, such as physical evidence or videos in a non-standard format), including DWI trials and other matters involving consequences of magnitude [page 26]
         3. We participate in the Metlife Hyatt Legal Plan for Will and estate planning
    Are you searching for an estate-planning attorney in New Jersey that is part of the HYATT Metlife Legal plan? Look no further than Kenneth Vercammen & Associates. This is a great benefit offered to employees by some employers. 
Typically with HYATT Metlife Legal Plan we can prepare a Last Will and Testament, Durable Powers of Attorney  and Living Will Health Care proxy with no fees to the member. 
The Metlife Hyatt group legal plans benefit more than 2,000 organizations in a variety of industries across the U.S., including Fortune 500 companies. Some of the companies in NJ are:
American Express
Bank of America
Home Depot
Yum! Brands
Comcast/ News 12 NJ
        To assist potential clients and seniors we now offer consults and document preparation remotely. Members should contact Hyatt and obtain a claim number. https://www.legalplans.comand then email Ken Vercammen.
         We also participate in the Arag legal plan for Wills and Probate, which covers many J & J employees.
It is best if you contact ARAG first to determine coverage https://www.araglegal.comor call ARAG 1800-819-6010
 Then have a claim form emailed to Ken Vercammen. 
Normally, with ARAG Legal Plan we can prepare a Last Will and Testament, Durable Powers of Attorney and Living Will Health Care with no cost to members. Many Johnson & Johnson employees are covered.
4     Summer Estate Planning Package 
              If you don't have an estate plan now is the right time to change that. Protect what you've worked so hard to save. For the summer we have a basic, affordable, Estate Planning Package at a reduced rate.  
Estate Planning Package $500 ~ Includes:
- Last Will & Testament Will - including age requirement trust
- Financial Power of Attorney/ Banking Power of Attorney/Real Estate Power of Attorney
- Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, POLST and HIPAA Release
- A form for Letters of instruction 
- Telephone Review
For the Will:1. interview with client, office consult fee is usually $150.00, which is included in the Will preparation fee.  2. Review Will Questionnaire filled out by client. 3. Review information such as name, address and telephone number.  
4. Obtain information regarding value of real estate, life insurance and other assets. 5. Obtain information regarding distribution of estate and selection of beneficiaries. 6. Obtain information regarding names of family members. 
 7. Discuss possible individuals to serve as Executor. 8. Attend to opening of file.
9. Preparation of draft Will and Testament with Provisions regarding debts and taxes, distribution of estate, Trust for beneficiaries under 21, provisions for primary Executor and one successor Executor, include provisions regarding no bond required and self- proving Will meaning your family will not need to locate witnesses later.  
10. Prepare letter to client enclosing draft of Will for client to carefully read.
11. Preparation of Post Will Instruction letter to client 
12  Provide bi-weekly email newsletter with updates on Probate, and NJ legal issues.
     *Does not include Trusts or detailed planning which may be required.
   We are signing Wills, Power of Attorney and Living Wills by appointment
Tuesday June 23 from 10:15-11:45 and 1:15-4:30 in the parking lot. We have limited witnesses.  
    For clients to schedule appointment, call office between 9:30-4:30 at 732-572-0500
Please print out your documents single sided and carefully staple documents. The Power of Attorney and Living Will are separate documents, which you must staple separately. Please read these documents carefully.
         On day of signing, bring:
-Documents stapled separately
-Your pen
-Your mask
         Park in parking lot, then call the office.
         Otherwise, sign documents at UPS store, which has notary service, with your own witnesses, or use another notary of your choosing.
         5. Our Client testimonials
When asked if they would use our firm again if they had another legal problem, our clients have said... 
"Sure, your service is excellent and staff is very professional and experienced." - JZ
"Have used previously and would use again. Extremely happy with result and treatment." - JS 
"Yes, Mr. Vercammen clearly communicated the process in advance and achieved resolution or communicated expeditiously." - SG 
"Yes, I was treated with respect. The service was fast and efficient." - CC
"Yes, Mr. Vercammen is a very good and practical attorney." - DD
"Yes, knowledgeable, straight forward, easy to understand advice. I trust your practice to guide your clients through the legal system with both personal sensitivity and high ethical standards." - Prior Client 
"Yes. This was the second time in 2 years that I used your firm. If I were to need an attorney in the future, I wouldn't even think of calling anyone else." - Prior Client 
"Yes. I appreciated the thoroughness." - Prior Client 
"Yes, was very satisfied. Mr. Vercammen was excellent!" -AA
"Without a doubt! Will also recommend to others." - Prior Client 
"Yes. All aspects handled in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner." - Prior Client 
"Absolutely yes and no comment of your services." - SO 
"Just wonderful and great." - Prior Client 
"Yes, Ken was very quick the day of court." - BD 
"If I encountered another legal problem, I would most definitely use this firm again." - SS
"Yes, definitely. The procedures were explained clearly to me. I was kept informed about the progress of the case at all times." -MM 
"This was my third representation by Mr. Vercammen." - JM 
"Yes. Mr. Vercammen was very enthusiastic and confident about resolving my case. I am glad I selected a lawyer who is so 'up-beat' and personable." - Prior Client
"Yes. Ken Vercammen always kept me informed of the proceedings and the steps he was taking. I appreciated his patience and understanding in answering all my questions." - DA
"I absolutely would consider your firm. I haven't met with others yet, but to me your firm has set a high bar to measure others against, in terms of professionalism and providing all necessary information for me to make a decision. I am going with Kenneth." - MP 
More at https://www.njlaws.com/testimonials.html
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6.This week's Educational YouTube videos
GENERAL DUTY OWED BY DRIVERS- Jury charge In a Civil Jury Trial 5.30A
      In a Jury Trial, the Judge will give an outline of the law and how to determine the facts. These are called Jury charges. We find it is a good idea to provide clients with an outline of the law at the beginning of their case and prior to a trial.
Handwritten Will cannot be admitted by Surrogate to Probate, have a real Will prepared by an attorney
NJ inheritance Tax three year look back for gifts and transfers
No more license suspension for drug offense in NJ
Court claims parked car with engine running is operation and can be DWI. State v. Thompson
Drug Recognition Evaluation DRE State v Olenowski court orders Frye Hearing on admissibility of DRE
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