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Thursday, August 22, 2019

E565 In this issue: 1. Supreme Court Assigns Four Recall Judges to Sit as Municipal Court Judges to Resolve State v. Cassidy Matters. 2. Thank you to many persons that wished me a Happy Birthday on August 7. 3.Have a Power of Attorney Prepared for your College Children and Children Traveling out of State. 4.Thank you Summer Law Clerk Group. 5. Charity Running & other Community Events.

In this issue: 
1. Supreme Court Assigns Four Recall Judges to Sit as Municipal Court Judges to Resolve State v. Cassidy Matters.
2. Thank you to many persons that wished me a Happy Birthday on August 7.
3.Have a Power of Attorney Prepared for your College Children and Children Traveling out of State.
4.Thank you Summer Law Clerk Group.
5. Charity Running & other Community Events.

1. Supreme Court Assigns Four Recall Judges to Sit as Municipal Court Judges to Resolve State v. Cassidy Matters

WHEREAS the Supreme Court issued its decision in State v. Eileen Cassidy. 235 N.J. 482 (2018), holding that breath test results from Alcotest machines calibrated without using a thermometer that produces NIST-traceable temperature readings in the calibration process are inadmissible as evidence; and
   WHEREAS the Judiciary has been notified by the Office of the Attorney General that there are 20,667 DWI cases in which defendants' breath samples were procured using such improperly calibrated machines; and
     WHEREAS the Court by order of January 29, 2019 designated retired Appellate Division Judge Robert A. Fall, serving on recall, as special master for purposes of coordination of the management of such cases on a statewide basis to develop better processing of these cases, to provide greater consistency and efficiency, and to minimize conflicts and delays, and with the special master having the authority to make judicial and administrative decisions relating to such cases that have been adjudicated; and
   WHEREAS the special master has recommended the assignment of a number of retired Superior Court judges on recall to sit as Municipal Court judges to resolve certain of these cases;
     It is ORDERED that, effective immediately and until further order, the following retired Superior Court judges presently serving on recall, in addition to their existing recall assignments, are assigned to sit as Municipal Court judges with statewide jurisdiction to resolve matters subject to the statewide administration of cases affected by the Court's Cassidy decision:
Dated: July 25, 2019
   Judge Robert A. Fall (lead judge) Judge Linda G. Baxter
   Judge Stephan C. Hansbury Judge Robert B. Reed

2. Thank you to many persons that wishes me a Happy Birthday on August 7. 

     I will not be having an official party like I did when I turned 50. On August 23 at the Edison Elks Thirsty Thursday we will bring a sheet cake, listen to the band and celebrate good times. I invite anyone to stop over. Free admission to band. Inexpensive drinks and food.

3. Have a Power of Attorney prepared for your college children and children traveling out of state

         There are many good reasons to consider getting a Power of Attorney and Medical Directive for your adult "child". A prominent Monmouth County Law office wrote while you made certain decision for your child before he or she turned 18, you have no authority to take action now. In the event your child becomes ill or has a serious accident while they are away, you do not have legal right to withhold Power of Attorney, it is important to have a plan in place to deal with their health, financial, educational and legal needs.

Durable Power of Attorney to handle finances will enable you to take care of tasks for your child. This includes: registering their car; communicating with their college about issues which fall under HIPAA, like grades and disciplinary actions; completing financial transactions at their bank, their college, etc. If your child runs in to an issue with their passport while they are overseas, you can be assured that you have the authority to help.

       Living Will or Health Care Directive is important in the event of an accident or illness. You will be able to talk to medical staff and make decisions on your child's behalf, if necessary.

       While you may never need to use these documents, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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          This is for a Power of Attorney only and not a new Will.
          We also use this Interview form if you want a Living Will. Please fill out completely and fax or mail back. This form is extremely important. Your accuracy and completeness in responding will help me best represent you. All sections and information must be filled out prior to sitting down with the attorney.
         Please be sure to check all appropriate boxes. If "NONE", please state "NONE".
If "NOT APPLICABLE", please state "N/A".
1.    Your Full Name:

First                                                      Last
2.    IF MARRIED OR SEPARATED, complete (a) and (b) below:
(a) Spouse's Full Name: [none, write none]

First                                                    Last

3. Your Street Address: ____________________________________                 

City ____________________ State ____ Zip Code ______________
4.    Telephone Numbers:                
Cell: ______________________ ________________________
Day: ____________________/Night: ________________________

5.    E-mail address: _______________________________________

6. Referred By: ___________________________________________
         If referred by a person, is this a client or attorney? If you heard about the law office on the internet, which search engine? What search terms did you use?

7. Today's Date ____________________

       We recommend a Living Will telling hospitals and doctors not to prolong your life by artificial means, i.e. Terri Schiavo; Karen Quinlan?      
                                                                          Yes ________ No ________

How can we help you? What are your questions/other important information?



[It is required by Court Rules that all pages be filled out in person's own handwriting prior to seeing the attorney to avoid conflicts of interest]

8.    Your Sex:     [   ] Male [   ] Female             

9.    Your Marital Status:[ ] Single       [ ] Married         
[ ] Separated                                     [ ] Divorced         [ ] Widowed

10. Your Date of Birth: ___________________
                                        Month     Day  

11. Spouse Date of Birth: _________________
                                           Month   Day   
2. Personal representative
         The person charged with administering bills, paying taxes and/or other debts, preserving, managing, and distributing assets and property is called the Personal Representative. This person should be one in whom you have trust and confidence. Your SPOUSE is usually named as primary Personal Representative r, followed by the child who lives closest to your home.
         Please provide the following information about the person you wish to name to serve in this capacity.
1. PRIMARY Choice of Personal Representative:

Name:_________________________ ______________________
           First                                               Last

Relationship: _______________ Address: ___________________

2. SECOND Choice of Personal Representative:
         This individual will serve in the event that the primary executor/personal representative is not alive at the time of your death, or is unable to serve.

Name: ______________________ _________________________
            First                                               Last

Relationship: _______________ Address: __________________

         The two proposed of Personal Representative s must be filled out prior to meeting the attorney. We do not recommend Joint of Personal Representatives, which often cause conflicts and additional work for the Estate. It is best to select one primary person, then a secondary person.

4. Thank you Summer Law Clerk Group 

5. Charity running & other community events

8/10/19  Asbury Sheehan 5k Asbury Park, N.J. 8:30am Wakefern Shoprite co-sponsor jsrc.org
8/17/19  Bradley Beach 5k 8:30 Wakefern Shoprite co-sponsor eliteracingsystems.com park north of race
8/18/19  Ray Licata Long Branch One Mile Ocean Swim 1 mile 8am
8/19/19  Lake Takanassee Summer Series Long Branch 6:45
8/25/19  Cross Country 5k USATF
8/27/19  JSRC meeting & BBQ Deal firehouse 6:15 [swim in Deal at 5pm sharp prior to BBQ] Tuesday
8/31/19  Scranton Capt. Minicozzi 5k 10am https://runsignup.com/Race/Events/PA/Scranton/Minicozzi5k
9/7/19  Fallen Heroes Memorial Run Bar Anticipation, Lake Como 5k 9:30 Co-Sponsor Wakefern Shoprite compuscore.com 
9/8/19  Hightstown Triathlon starting at 7:00am Sunday   
September 8 One More Tri; Sun Special Olympics NJ Asbury Park
9/8/19  By Hook or By Crook 12 Sandy hook 9am
9/14/19  Ocean Grove Run for Arts 5k 9am Co-Sponsor Wakefern Shoprite https://runsignup.com/Race/NJ/OceanGrove/JSACRunfortheArts5K
9/14/19  JSRC River Cruise, Point Pleasant NJ
9/21/19  KeyportFest 5K Fireman's Park Saturday 8:30 am

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