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Monday, August 12, 2013

E412 1.Happy New Year from the Vercammen Family 2. Thank You to Friends, Client and Family for a Great Year. 3. New Year's Resolution - Put your Estate Planning in Order.

NJ Laws Email Newsletter E412 
Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law   

January 1, 2013



 In This Issue:

 1.Happy New Year  from the Vercammen  Family, Frizby dog,    and Staff  

 2. Thank You to  Friends, Client and  Family for a Great  Year.   

 3. New Year's  Resolution - Put your  Estate Planning in  Order.  



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2. Thank You to Family, Friends, and Clients for a Great Year.

      I would like to thank my friends for another good year in 2012, despite the difficult economy. So many of you were kind enough to tell others about our services. Since 1985, I have helped individuals and businesses with legal matters. With changing laws, it is important that your estate planning documents are updated to reflect your most valuable investments. As you know, all business must grow, and one of the safest ways to grow is to get referrals from satisfied clients. Thank you for referring friends and family.  

May the New Year 2013 bring happiness and good health to you and your family. 

3. New Year's Resolution - Put your Estate Planning in Order.
Add to your "to do" list having your Will prepared. You need a Power of Attorney and Living Will/ Advance Directive. Modern medicine and machinery can keep a person alive for long periods of time.
Unfortunately, a person is often kept alive in great pain or under circumstances that render him or her unconscious as to everything around them, while causing pain and anguish to the family.
Our state has passed a "Living Will" law, often called a "Death with Dignity" law, which allows a person to direct that heroic measures not be taken to prolong life in these unhappy situations.
This "Living Will" is not a substitute for a regular Will, which affects property rights. The "Living Will" is an independent document to be signed in addition to your regular Will.
        Please let us know if you want a Will, Living Will/ Advance Directive or Power of Attorney prepared.  My friends have put this off years.