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NJ Laws Newsletter E162 September 14, 2004

In this issue:
1. If suspect admits police to home, plain view searches are permitted
2. No Pre Trial Intervention and Dismissal if guilty plea is made.
3. DWI Driver cannot be sentenced an 2nd time school zone offender unless he had a prior school zone conviction.

4. Employees can't steal clients or take confidential info

5. New articles on website: civil, Criminal, Elder, litigation articles added to website www.njlaws.com

1. Law Division can find defendant guilty on observation DWI even if Municipal Court found guilty on per se source. State v. Kashi 180 NJ 45 (2004).
The New Jersey Supreme Court affirmed substantially for the reasons expressed by the Appellate Division in its opinion reported at 360 N.J. Super. 538 (2003). Double jeopardy is not implicated in a case where the Law Division in a trial de novo convicts on the charge of driving while intoxicated based on the evidence of the police officer's observations even though the Municipal Court concluded that the evidence was insufficient. Source: New Jersey Lawyer June 7, 2004 p. 17

10. Expungement permitted for possession with intent. State v. P.L. 369 NJ Super. 24 (App. Div. 2004).
N.J.S.A. 2C:52-2c clearly and unambiguously allows the expungement of a conviction for possession of CDS with intent to distribute, as opposed to a conviction for an actual or intended sale of CDS, which is precluded by the statute. Source: New Jersey Lawyer May 24, 2004 p. 25

11. Pardon permits expungement. In Re Petition of L.B. For Expungement of Criminal Records 369 NJ Super. 354 (Law Div. 2004).
A pardon granted by the Governor permits expungement of a criminal record that would otherwise be barred by statute. Source: New Jersey Lawyer May 31, 2004 p. 18
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5. New articles on website: civil, Criminal, Elder, litigation articles added to website www.njlaws.com
Liability for Fall downs in Parking Lots of Commercial Premises

Felony and crimes in New Jersey

2C:18-3 Defiant Trespass

ATRA Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation Act NJSA 26:2B-17

Estate Planning for Parkinson Patients & Guardianship of Disabled Adults
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