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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

E357 1. New Year's Resolution - Put Your Estate Planning in Order. 2. Polar Bear Runners Take Swim in Ocean. 3. REMINDER: Freezing Cold Hash Run, J

NJ Laws Email Newsletter E357
Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law

January 1, 2011

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1. New Year's Resolution - Put Your Estate Planning in Order.

2. Polar Bear Runners Take Swim in Ocean.

3. REMINDER: Freezing Cold Hash Run, January 8, 2011, Edison, NJ

4. 2011 Update Wills and Estate Planning Seminar- Free Seminar


Greetings Kenneth Vercammen,

1. New Year's Resolution - Put Your Estate Planning in Order.

You need a Power of Attorney and Living Will/Advance Directive. Modern medicine and machinery can keep a person alive for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, a person is often kept alive in great pain or under circumstances that render him or her unconscious as to everything around them, while causing pain and anguish to the family.

Our state has passed a "Living Will" law, often called a "Death with Dignity" law, which allows a person to direct that heroic measures not be taken to prolong life in these unhappy situations.

This "Living Will" is not a substitute for a regular Will, which affects property rights. The "Living Will" is an independent document to be signed in addition to your regular Will.

Please let us know if you want a Living Will/ Advance Directive prepared.

I would like to thank my friends for another good year in 2010, despite the bad economy. This year was our single best year for referrals. So many of you were kind enough to tell others about our services. Since 1985, I have helped individuals and businesses with legal matters. With changing laws, it is important that your estate planning documents are updated to reflect your most valuable investments. As you know, all business must grow, and one of the safest ways to grow is to get referrals from satisfied clients. Thank you for referring friends and family. May the New Year 2011 bring happiness and good health to you and those you love.

2. Polar Bear Runners Take Swim in Ocean

Bob Tona, Ken Vercammen and Lauren Rhatigan swimming in snow storm in the Ocean on December 26, 2010 at Asbury Park.

3. Reminder Freezing Cold Hash run, Edison, NJ Jan. 8, 2011

-Start at Ken Vercammen Law Office, 2053 Woodbridge Ave, Edison 732-572-0500 Adventure trail run, not a formal race. Featured on TV News12 NJ and Cablevision. All participants are requested to bring a canned food donation for the St. James Food Pantry on Woodbridge Ave. This is a non-competitive group run on the streets of Edison and trails along the Raritan River.

VOLUNTEERS RECEIVE A SHIRT AND OPEN BAR. We still need to borrow a Kerosene gas heater to keep the volunteers warm. Registration for the run is in the outside garage at 2053 Woodbridge Ave., Edison.

Jan. 8, 2011 Schedule:

7:30am pre-lube

10am Star Spangled Banner by Dave Demonico

10:05 group photo in front of office

10:10 start running

The course splits on two locations between Eagle trail and turkey trail. Eagle is more difficult and longer.

11:50 Free sandwiches at 2053 Woodbridge Ave.

12:00 The "Hash Circle" sing politically incorrect songs and chugs of beer. Women can select "The Option"

12:30 Green Derby Bar opens

$5.00 for beer for men

Women beer drinkers free, so they can participate in the annual award contests.

We still need volunteers. Please call 732-572-0500 if you would like to help out or if you have any questions. More details on the hash run at:


Volunteers needed for the set ups

Sunday, Jan 2 at 12 noon stuff goodie bags and set up party room in basement

Thursday, Jan 6 & Friday Jan 7 in afternoon 12-4 noon stuff goodie bags and set up party room in basement For individuals not running, they can help set up the trail

Friday Jan 7 5pm-9pm- Help set up bar and decorate garage and Green Derby Free beer for helpers

Sat Jan 8 7:30 Bartenders and Registration help needed

Bring your "water" bottles to fill up for the run. Open bar starts at 7:30am. If you have any old bottles of booze that you will never drink, bring them to the hash. Your bottles can be donated to the bar in the woods.

Videos from Prior Runs

(News 12 TV Show) Freezing Cold Hash

(Cablevision - TV Show) Dismal Swamp - Edison

Video (Cablevision - TV Show) Thomas Edison Park


Sentinel Article


4. 2011 update Wills and Estate Planning- Free Seminar

WHEN: Wednesday January 12, 2011 12:15-1:00 PM

WHERE: Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen, 2053 Woodbridge Ave, 2nd floor, Edison, NJ 08817

Invited: Clients, friends, CPA's, Financial Planners, Insurance Producers, Nursing Home Administrators, Hospital and Nursing Home Social Workers, Medicaid Workers, Office on Aging Personnel, Senior Club Presidents, and Accountants

COST: Free if you pre-register. Please bring a canned food donation, which will be given to the St. James Food Bank located on Woodbridge Avenue in Edison, NJ. Please email us if you plan on attending or if you would like us to email the materials. Complimentary Sandwiches and materials provided at 12:00 sharp. We previously held this seminar for the Metuchen and Edison Adult schools. This program is limited to 15 people

SPEAKER: Kenneth Vercammen, Esq.

(Author- Answers to Questions About Probate)

The new NJ Probate Law made a number of substantial changes in Probate and the administration of estates and trusts in New Jersey.

Main Topics:

1. The New Probate Law and preparation of Wills

2. 2011 changes in Federal Estate and Gift Tax exemption

3. NJ Inheritance tax $675,000

4. Power of Attorney

5. Living Will

6.Administering the Estate/ Probate/Surrogate

7. Question and Answer

COMPLIMENTARY MATERIAL: Brochures on Wills, "Answers to Questions about Probate" and Administration of an Estate, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Real Estate Sales for Seniors, and Trusts.

Co-Sponsor: Middlesex County Estate Planning Council

To attend or for Information: Mike McDonald 732-572-0500

or email VercammenLaw@Njlaws.com

Can't attend? We can email you materials

Send email to: VercammenLaw@Njlaws.com

Chair ABA Elder Law Committee, Solo & Small Firm Division

To attend or receive the Probate Special Report, email us at: VercammenLaw@Njlaws.com or fax us your email address.

Fax 732-572-0030

We send the Special Report and newsletter via email only.

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