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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

E354 1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Recent Cases: 2. No Suit Versus Police Despite Arrest on Mistaken Identification. 3. Municipal Court College Seminar

NJ Laws Email Newsletter E354
Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law

November 23, 2010


Recent Cases:
2. No Suit Versus Police Despite Arrest on Mistaken Identification.

3. Municipal Court College Seminar

4. Freezing Cold Hash Run, January 8, 2011

5. Update of Wills & Estate Planning Seminar, January 12, 2011.

6. Volunteer Legal Interns Needed- Public Defender of Metuchen
Office Phone Number:(732) 572-0500
Greetings Kenneth Vercammen, Esq.,

1. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect and express gratitude for all the good things that we have in our lives and give thanks. I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you and your family meet your goals so you can concentrate your efforts on the important people and causes in your life.

President Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November as our country's official day of Thanksgiving in 1863.

Source: Saul M. Simon CFP, CFS, RFC Private Wealth Advisor

Simon Financial Group

333 Thornall St. Suite 9 B

Edison, NJ 08837

Phone: 732-623-2070

Recent Cases:

2. No Suit versus Police Despite Arrest on Mistaken Identification.Bayer v. Township of Union 414 NJ Super. 238 (App. Div. 2010)

In this case, where defendant was arrested based upon a mistaken identification, the court affirm the trial court's dismissal of plaintiff's 42U.S.C.A. § 1983 claim on summary judgment because a careful review of the undisputed facts reveals that a reasonable police officer would have believed there was probable cause to arrest plaintiff. That was a determination appropriately made by the trial court. We also affirm the trial court's dismissal of plaintiff's Tort Claims Act claim because plaintiff failed to provide timely notice pursuant to N.J.S.A.59:8-8.

3. Municipal Court College Seminar

December 6, 2010 Monday

5:30 PM to 9:00 PM

New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick

This information-packed program is designed for attorneys who do not concentrate in municipal court law, including general practitioners seeking to expand into this practice area & not, novice attorneys looking to create a niche practice. Seasoned municipal court lawyers are certainly more than welcome to join us and brush up on their skills.

You'll "go back to school" to attend 6 half hour segments and panel discussions that will provide you with a working knowledge of municipal court law basics. You'll quickly be able to represent clients in a wide range of matters you would normally have had to refer to others. Gain confidence in your ability to handle municipal court law matters. Make an investment in your legal career and register today!

Gain insight and information that will help you represent clients in every aspect of municipal court law including:

Initial interview getting retained and dealing with the prosecutor, Driving While Suspended, Drug Cases and DRE, Assault and Miscellaneous, DWI Blood, and DWI Alcotest.


Past Chair, NJSBA Municipal Court Section

Past GP Solo Section Attorney of the Year

2006 NJSBA Municipal Court Practitioner of the Year

K. Vercammen & Associates (Edison)


Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer, PA (Woodbridge)


Law Offices of John Menzel (Point Pleasant)


Chief Prosecutor (Elizabeth)

Assistant Prosecutor (Woodbridge)

Murgado & Carroll, Esq. (Elizabeth)


Law Offices of Stephen D. Williams (Flemington)

Who should attend:

Judges & Prosecutors

General practitioners

Criminal law practitioners

Municipal Court law practitioners


New attorneys

Members of law enforcement

New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education

The Non-Profit Continuing Education Service of:

The New Jersey State Bar Association

Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

Seton Hall University

One Constitution Square,

New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1520

Phone: (732)214-8500

Fax: (732)249-0383 CustomerService@njicle.com

NJ CLE INFORMATION: This program has been approved by the Board on Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of New Jersey for 3.5 hours of total CLE credit. Of these, 3.5 qualify as hours of credit toward certification in civil trial law, criminal trial law, workers' compensation law and/or matrimonial law.

Includes seminar, 400 page book, CD with over 1,000 pages of forms, dinner, coffee, desert Tuition ranges between $145- $189 depending on NJSBA membership Call Phone: (732)214-8500 Seminar # S962-21594

This program has been approved for 3.5 credits (50 minute hour)


Advance registration closes at noon of the day preceding the program. After that time you may still register, space permitting, for the Door Registration Fee.



Up to 12 of your 24 New Jersey MCLE credits can be earned via Audio CDs, Webinars & MP3s.

Order your audio package and earn New Jersey MCLE credits at your convenience.



4. Freezing Cold Hash Run January 8, 2011

The Annual Freezing Cold Hash Run will be on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 10am. This is a non-competitive group run on the streets of Edison and trails along the Raritan River. The run starts and finishes at Kenneth Vercammen's Law Office.

Hashing is not a race but a non-competitive group run. Participants follow a trail of White Flour as hash marks. If you see white baking flour marks on circles on Edison streets on January 7 & 8, don't be alarmed, that is part of the trail. This event is open to the public age 21 and over. All participants are requested to bring a canned food donation for the St. James Food Pantry on Woodbridge Ave.

We also need volunteers. Please call 732-572-0500 you would like to help out or if you have any questions. More details on the hash run at:


5. 2010 Update of the Wills and Estate Planning Seminar

You and your friends are invited to our annual Client & friends lunch and the "2010 update of the Wills and Estate Planning Seminar" on January 12, 2011 from 12:15-1PM. Please email us if you plan on attending.


The Public Defenders provide Indigent individuals charged with criminal or serious motor vehicle charges with free or limited cost legal defense. The Public Defender of Metuchen welcomes persons to serve as volunteer interns. Volunteer Law Clerk interns will attend Wednesday evening and every other Friday morning court sessions.

Volunteer to help indigent people charged with criminal and motor vehicle offenses of magnitude. In additional to time in court, you will be given projects to provide information to the public on updated criminal laws and statutes. Help people less fortunate than you who are down on their luck. This is an unpaid internship helping indigent persons.

Court times: WEDNESDAY 1pm PM [approx]- 8:30 PM, every other Friday 9-12, plus hearing preparation work.

Volunteer Internship Description:

-Interview Clients facing charges in Municipal Court including Drug Possession, Drunk Driving, Assault, Driving While Suspended and other criminal and traffic offenses

-Make demands for Discovery on Prosecutor and review police reports

-Attend hearings and learn from experienced trial attorneys

-Prepare Motions to Suppress Evidence and Motions to Compel Discovery

-Conduct appropriate Legal research

-Acquire skills in Criminal Law and Procedure by active participation

-Participate in Public Relations activities and help organize seminars

- Update Lists of Prosecutors, Judges and Attorneys for publication of

NJ Municipal Court Law Review

- Revise criminal and traffic law Articles and submit to Law Journals and criminal law websites.
- Learn how to add criminal statutes and criminal articles to legal blogs and websites. http://criminal-jury.blogspot.com/

Program lasts 12 weeks. Minimum time commitment September- May is 10 hours per week. Must be over 18 years old and have a car. You can work more hours if you want and more than 12 weeks.

For Summer- College graduates and Law students only. Minimum Volunteer time commitment in summer- 18 hours per week. Send cover letter and resume. After sending resume, call to schedule interview

We are committed to excellence and service to clients and the community. Applicants must have attention to detail. We attempt to give assignments which will be meaningful and memorable but, nevertheless, expect that the volunteers will pitch in on whatever needs to be done.

Interested persons must mail or fax a cover letter indicating the internship they are applying for and resume. If no personal cover letter by student, the resume will not be considered.


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