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Friday, July 06, 2007

In this issue:
1. Life Insurance
2 Recent cases- Co-tenant Can Object to Search Even if Other Occupant Consents.
3. Police Questioning After 911 Call Did Not Violate Miranda
4 . Court Prohibited Character Witness Testimony
5 Indigent Deadbeats Entitled to Counsel if Facing Incarceration.
6. Reminder- Friends of Cynthia Vercammen are invited to
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1. Types of Life Insurance
By Pavese-McCormick Insurance
Here is some information about what are known as "permanent" (or "cash-value") life insurance policies that, unlike term life, are designed to last the rest of your life:

* "Permanent" life insurance includes a buildup of value in cash in addition to your death benefit. You can borrow against your cash value. You can even take out some of that cash value, but your death benefit will be reduced. What is cash value? It's that part of a permanent life insurance policy not needed for so-called "mortality expenses." The greater your risk of dying in the near term, the greater the mortality expense to your insurer.

* Cash-value life policies have premiums that are higher at the
beginning than they would be for the same amount of term
insurance. The part of the premium not used to cover the yearly
cost for mortality and other expenses is invested by the company
and builds up a cash value that you may use in a variety of ways.
Here are some specific examples of cash-value or permanent life

* Whole (or Ordinary) Life -- The premium and the death benefit
don't change much in whole life policies. You pay so much a month
for a given death benefit. However, dividends to policyholders
can increase the coverage or decrease the premium.

* Universal Life -- This is the flexible life insurance. You can
change your premium and your death benefit at any time, although
a substantial increase in the coverage usually requires you to
prove you are still in good health.

* Variable Life -- This is a hybrid whole/universal coverage in
which the death benefit is dependent on the investment
performance of the insurance company's assets. And you get to
choose the investment vehicle -- money market fund, bond fund or
stock fund -- for your premium. If your investments do well, your
policy's cash value and death benefit will increase. If not,
they'll go down, but most variable life policies won't let your
death benefit drop below a certain level. However, it's possible
a company will charge you for a guaranteed death benefit.

So are permanent life policies, as opposed to term life, best for
you? In general, if you have significant assets, its better (and
less risky) to have some sort of cash-value policy.
But which one?

Actually, it's more important to buy the coverage from an insurer
that has the best chance of performing well in the future; an
insurer that has low expenses and mortality costs. Such an
insurer will be able to offer better terms, including higher
death benefits, higher cash value and lower premiums.

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2 Recent cases- Co-tenant Can Object to Search Even if Other Occupant Consents. Georgia v Randolph 126 S. Ct. 1515; 164 L. Ed. 2d 208
A physically present co-occupant's stated refusal to permit entry renders warrantless entry and search unreasonable and invalid as to him. A disputed invitation, without more, gives an officer no better claim to reasonableness in entering than the officer would have absent any consent. Disputed permission is no match for the Fourth Amendment central value of "respect for the privacy of the home," Wilson v. Layne, 526 U.S. 603, 610, 119 S. Ct. 1692, 143 L. Ed. 2d 818, and the State's other countervailing claims do not add up to outweigh it.

3. Police Questioning After 911 Call Did Not Violate Miranda. State v. Boretsky 186 N.J. 271 (2006)
An individual's intentions in respect of equivocal statements about "counsel" during an emergency aid situation are not relevant for Miranda purposes. During the emergency aid response, an alleged "equivocal" reference to counsel lacks sufficient basis to tie the statement to interests the Miranda remedy was designed to protect. When the emergency ends and Miranda warnings are administered, we hold that the administration of the warning satisfies Miranda.

4 . Court Prohibited Character Witness Testimony. State v. Mahoney __ NJ ___ Decided April 19, 2006 (A-10-05)
The trial court properly prohibited character witness testimony as to specific interactions with defendant and his skills as a lawyer, and statements made by the prosecutor during summation did not deny defendant his right to a fair trial. However, the trial court improperly submitted to the jury the full text of R. 1:21-6 without providing instructions as to how to consider and apply the rule's directives to the facts of this criminal case.

5 Indigent Deadbeats Entitled to Counsel if Facing Incarceration. Pasqua v. Hon Gerald J. Council 186 N.J. 127 (2006)
The Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause mandates the appointment of counsel to assist parents found to be indigent and facing incarceration at child support enforcement hearings. The due process guarantee of the New Jersey Constitution compels the same result.

6. Reminder- Friends of Cynthia Vercammen are invited to
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