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Friday, October 11, 2013

E428 1. Courts should follow bail guidelines. State v Steele 2. State experts limited if opinion based only on facts and not science. State v Sowell 3. Driver needed 4. Charity events 5. Handling Drug DWI and Serious Motor Vehicle Cases in Municipal Court October 21, 2013

NJ Laws Email Newsletter E428
Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law   

October 3, 2013
 Recent Cases
 1. Courts should  follow bail guidelines. State v Steele

 2. State experts  limited if opinion  based only on facts  and not science. State v Sowell

 3. Driver needed

 4. Charity events

 5. Handling Drug  DWI and Serious      Motor Vehicle Cases in Municipal Court  October 21, 2013

Recent Cases:
1.    Courts should follow bail guidelines. State v Steele 430 N.J. Super. 24 (App. Div. 2013)
     On leave granted, the court modified the $200,000 bail, of which $150,000 must be cash, set by the trial court on two indictments charging only fourth-degree offenses. The court construed N.J.S.A. 2C: 6-1, which generally imposes a limit of $2500 on bail for fourth-degree offenses. The court concluded the court may exercise its statutory power to exceed $2500 for "good cause" by applying the bail factors set forth in State v. Johnson, 61 N.J. 351 (1972) and incorporated in Rule 3:26-1(a). However, the court concluded the trial court inappropriately considered safety of the community when setting the amount of money bail. The court discussed the role of non-monetary conditions of bail to protect the community.
2.    State experts limited if opinion based only on facts and not science. State v Sowell 213 N.J. 89 (2013)
       The expert's opinion regarding the exchange of narcotics was improper because it related to a straightforward factual allegation that was not beyond the understanding of the average juror, and because the expert referred to facts not contained in the hypothetical question. Under the plain error standard, however, defendant's conviction is affirmed based on the overwhelming evidence of his guilt.
3.  Driver needed
   Ken V is having knee surgery again. I will be on crutches and not be able to drive to 5 weeks.
Driver for Law Office- misc. clerk duties
Monday-Friday 8:30am -5:00
November 18- December 23
Start North Brunswick, drive attorney to Edison law office or nearby courts. Park your vehicle North Brunswick and drive law office Ford Escape.
Stuff 2014 calendars for clients, judges, prosecutors & attorneys
Telephone contacts to clients and potential clients
$10.00 per hour & gas
If you can't drive every day, advise which days you can drive

General Office duties in Law Office including:
 Preparation of legal documents on Computer and mail to courts  
Update mailing/ client lists and learn marketing.Adding client names to computer database, prepare letters, and work on client traffic ticket matters. 

All other work needed including working on litigation cases.

Must be dependable.
Call Kenneth Vercammen & Associates at:
2053 Woodbridge Ave., Edison, NJ 08817

Check out our website at www.njlaws.com to see                            what we are about.
4.  Charity events
10/5 Metuchen Fair [not a race]
10/6 Race for Cure Jackson
Donations in past Middlesex Bar President Renèe Anthony's honor can be made to the Susan G. Komen, Central NJ Race for the Cure or you can join us for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday, Oct 6th.

TO JOIN THE WALK - it's not too late!  You need to register at Great Adventure on the day of                            the event.  The WALK  begins at 10 a.m. on Sunday, October 6, 2013  at Six Flags Great Adventure. The overall event begins at 7 a.m. with vendor tents, musical entertainment, kid's activities and giveaways.  The walk portion begins at 10 a.m. and ends around noon. 

TO DONATE:  Go to Race for a Cure website and click on MCBA/Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure.  Click on "Donate to a Race Participant or Team".  Click on "Search for a Team" and type in "Team MCBA for Renee". Then click on "Support TEAM MCBA FOR RENEE" to make a gift.
10/12/13 Rat Race Sat, 10:17am Wall Twp. 
A hash style of running or walking 1 - 4 miles over woodland trails/swamp & stream followed by a fantastic party of beer, buns, burgers, pizza pie, music and games for prizes.
10/13   East Brunswick 5k & 10k   1pm RVRR well run event Road closed to traffic   www.ebrr.org
10/26 Hoboken 5k 10am to benefit Hoboken Shelter, Wakefern co-sponsor
10/27   Trick or Trot 5k Long Branch Party to Benefit Homeless Animals at SPCA at Celtic Cottage after run  2 for 1 drinks
5. Handling Drug DWI and Serious Motor Vehicle Cases in Municipal Court October 21, 2013
Monday, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Law Center, New Brunswick

Program Agenda
5:30 Welcome and Criminal Traffic Case Law Update (Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq.)

6:00  Procedure: What to expect on your day in court (Joshua H. Reinitz, Esq.)
Procedural issues; driving while suspended; probationary drivers

6:25 The Prosecutor's Perspective: no-insurance cases, recent directives from the Attorney General and Prosecutor, plea agreements in drug cases, double jeopardy issues (Norma M. Murgado, Esq.)

6:50  Expert arguments that may work, common errors by defense attorneys and prosecutors, how to impress the court staff and not annoy the prosecutor (William D. Feingold, Esq.)

7:25  Recent court rules changes, defending drug cases and domestic violence cases              (William G. Brigiani, Esq.)

7:55  Issues in DWI cases- DWI interview (10 min.); What defendant counsel does after the interview (10 min), Field Sobriety ad HGN (5 min.), Alcotest (15 min) (John Menzel, Esq.)

8:35  Point Counter Point on DWI
(John Menzel, Esq., Norma M. Murgado, Esq.,and William D. Feingold, Esq. followed by panel interaction)

9:00  Question & Answer
$160.00 General Tuition
Seminar # S-1507-OOF3

Location: New Jersey Law Center
One Constitution Square
New Brunswick, NJ

Editorial Assistance provided by Sara Quinlan. Ms. Quinlan is studying to become a Paralegal at Mercer County Community College and is currently participating in Kenneth Vercammen's Fall Internship Program.