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Thursday, March 15, 2012

NJ Laws Email Newsletter E388

NJ Laws Email Newsletter E388
Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law

February 22, 2012

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In This Issue:

1. Free Will Seminars and Speakers Bureau

2. New YouTube Videos / Podcasts Videos; Can you help instruct us how to add to iTunes?

3. Community Events


1. Free Will Seminars and Speakers Bureau

The AARP Network Attorneys of the Edison / Metuchen / Woodbridge area several years ago established a community Speakers Bureau to provide educational programs to AARP and senior clubs, Unions and Middlesex County companies. Now, volunteer attorneys of the Middlesex County Estate Planning Council have provided Legal Rights Seminars to hundreds of seniors, business owners and their employees, unions, clubs and non-profit groups. These quality daytime educational programs will educate and even entertain. Clubs and companies are invited to schedule a free seminar. The following Seminars are now available:

Details on the Two Programs Currently Offered:

1. Wills & Estate Administration - Protect Your Family and Make Planning Easy

2. New Privacy Law Requires Power of Attorney or Written Consent for Doctors to Discuss Medical Issues with Spouse or Family

All instructors are licensed attorneys who have been in practice at least 17 years. All instructors are members of the American Bar Association, New Jersey State Bar Association, and Middlesex County Bar Association. All programs include free written materials.

You don't have to be wealthy or near death to do some thinking about a Will. Here is your opportunity to listen to an experienced attorney who will discuss how to distribute your property as you wish and avoid many rigid provisions of state law.

Topics discussed include: Who needs a Will?; What if you die without a Will (intestacy)?; Mechanics of a Will; Selecting an executor, trustee, and guardian; Proper Will execution; Inheritance Taxes, Estate Taxes "Living Will"; Powers of Attorney; $13,000 annual gift tax exclusion, Bequests to charity, Why you need a "Self-Proving" Will and Estate Administration/ Probate.

Sample materials: Hand-outs on Wills, Living Wills/Medical Advance Directive, Power of Attorney, Probate and Administration of an Estate, Real Estate, Working with your Attorney, Consumers Guide to New Jersey Laws, and Senior Citizen Rights.


At the request of senior citizen groups, unions, and Middlesex County companies and organizations, the " Speakers Bureau " is a service designed to educate citizens about how laws affect their lives and how the judicial system operates. We have attorneys available to speak to business people, educational, civic and social organizations on a wide range of topics during business hours.


Chances are many of your members have been in a situation where they could have benefited from legal advice. Have you ever been in an accident? Has a motor vehicle or criminal complaint ever been filed against you or a member of your family? Many individuals face these and other types of problems. Often people do not protect their rights, only to later face lengthy license suspensions or even jail for failure to resolve legal problems early on. That's why Legal Rights Seminars are offered.

This means your members can get advice and possibly prevent legal problems before they occur. Most importantly, they can have peace of mind.

Americans need an attorney when legal problems strike. As in the case of medical services, early treatment can prevent catastrophe and its attendant cost in time and money. For example, psychological studies have demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between legal problems and lost work time and productivity. Employees' work performance often has a direct relationship to personal legal problems. Therefore, the sooner a solution can be found for the employees' problems, the sooner employees can focus on their work.

In today's complex world, few people can function successfully and safely without competent legal advice. In order to insure your estate plans are legally set up, you need to know exactly where you stand so that you can avoid possibly catastrophic mistakes impacting both you and your family. For additional information on the Legal Seminars, contact our Coordinator, Kenneth Vercammen's law office at (732) 572-0500.

2. How do we add video/ podcasts to ITunes?

Below are recent videos added to YouTube. Do any of our readers know how to add these to YouTube? If you do, please email instructions on how to do this to: vercammennews@njlaws.com.

Thank You.

Click the links below to watch videos...

Motorcycle injuries

Apartment injuries.mov

Driving while suspended defenses

Shoplifting 2C:20-11 b.

Simple Assault. 2C:12- 1

Removing an Executor of an Estate

3. Community Events:

March 2 NJ State Championship Wrestling Atlantic City

March 3 Belmar St. Patrick Parade (1st Sunday)

March 11 St Patrick Parade - Woodbridge

March 12 NJSBA Municipal court Section meeting 4-6

March 14 Middlesex Bar Awards Dinner - Pines

March 16 St. Patrick Happy Hour Bar A.

March 23 Bob Tona Masters Championship Mile

March 25 St. Paddy's 10 miler & 5k run 9:30AM Freehold; Keg of Beer and Some Food; Great FARC event Keg Outside. Dress Warm.

Editorial Assistance provided by Diane Barnes. Ms. Barnes will be graduating from Kaplan University this year and is currently participating in Kenneth Vercammen's Winter Internship Program.