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Thursday, May 19, 2011

E366 1. Warning- New Jersey Photo Red-Light Ticket invades Central NJ. 2. Police do not need Arrest Warrant if they Observe Offense. 3. NJ Law

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Kenneth Vercammen, Attorney at Law

April 13, 2011


1. Warning- New Jersey Photo Red-Light Ticket invades Central NJ.

2. Police do not need Arrest Warrant if they Observe Offense.

3. NJ Laws, Middlesex County Bar and Kenneth Vercammen Support Angela White Dalton in the New Jersey State Bar Contested Election for Secretary.

4. Professional Office Space Available in Edison Law Office.

5. Recent Articles Published in Police Chief Magazine and other Journals.

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Greetings Kenneth Vercammen, Esq.,

1. Warning- New Jersey Photo Red-Light Ticket invades Central NJ.

Traffic control signal monitoring systems (also known as the "RLR System") is an integrated system used to record evidence authorities need to prosecute red-light runners and other traffic violators. The system is made up of a single camera, or a multiple camera system, which trigger vehicle sensors when a violation occurs to capture the traffic violation in live time.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) announced the designation of ten new municipalities for the Red-Light Running Automated Enforcement pilot program. Hoboken, Morris Township, South Brunswick, Woodbridge, Gloucester Township, Cherry Hill, Stratford, Deptford, Monroe and Glassboro were designated for participation.

The Assembly Bill 4314 established a five-year pilot program to determine the effectiveness of the installation and utilization of traffic control signal monitoring systems. Similar programs have been implemented in twenty-four states other then New Jersey. The NJDOT designated Brick Township, Newark, East Brunswick, Piscataway, Roselle Park, Stafford, Edison, Jersey City, Lawrence, Linden, New Brunswick and Wayne for participation in the first-year pilot program. Although violators are not given points for infractions caught by red-light cameras, it is considered a moving violation. Therefore, if you are on DMV of MVC probation your driver license will be suspended if you are issued a moving violation via a red-light camera.

While some towns claim these are "safety" tickets, they really are revenue enhancers. One company even brags how law enforcementorganizations can helpmunicipalities facing a budget crisis. So, be careful running those yellow lights on Rt 27 and Plainfield in Edison, and Rt 18 and Tices Ln in East Brunswick.

More info on the Photo Red-Light Ticket at:


2. Police do not need arrest warrant if they observe offense. State v Brown _____ NJ _____ (2011) A-67-09/A-17-10

At the time Brown fled through a window onto a roof next door, the police had engaged in no misconduct; thus, there was no seizure of any sort in the apartment. When the police arrested Brown after he came down from the roof, they did not need an arrest warrant because they had probable cause to arrest him in a public place (1) for armed robbery committed outside their presence and (2) for resisting arrest, which they observed.


Attention all NJ Attorneys, Prosecutors and Judges eligible to vote. Angela Dalton needs your vote and your support. She is a good friend to attorneys from all walks, but especially to solo and small firm attorneys. Angela's vision for the NJSBA, is a more relevant, affordable and diverse NJSBA that provides value to the membership. She was selected this year by the newly expanded 17 member nominating committee made up of section chairs and representatives of diverse perspectives, including women, minorities and the Young Lawyers Division. Her challenger was not picked, for the second year in a row and has filed a protest petition, which now means that the general membership will decide, by paper ballot between April 18 and May 9..

Angela has worked hard chairing several committees of the NJSBA, including Membership, Judicial Administration, Young Lawyers Division And Women In The Profession. She has also served for six years as a trustee of her county bar association. She is a small firm attorney from Monmouth County and has served as a deputy mayor in a town with a $30 million + budget. Angela works on behalf of the general membership, providing better events, programs and services that meet the needs of the average NJSBA member. She is not a resume builder, she is a doer and she gives the NJSBA 100%. You can learn more about her at "Facebook - Angela Dalton - Leadership You Can Trust" and at her website:www.daltonforsecretary.wordpress.com.

When that ballot comes, do not throw your vote away, and tell your colleagues too. Vote for Angela White Dalton, a leader you can trust. She is the voice of the future for the NJSBA.


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Excellent space for an Attorney, Financial Planners, Accountant, Insurance Agents, and other Business Professionals as a 2nd office or location to meet clients in Edison.

The offices are located on the 1st floor of the building.

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and use of storage area in basement and garage.

$600 per month

Call: 732-572-0500

Owner of building is local attorney, Kenneth Vercammen who handles Criminal /Municipal Court, Personal Injury, Elder Law, and Probate Law.

Available April 15.

5. Recent articles published in Police Chief Magazine and other Journals written by Kenneth Vercammen.

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